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The most helpless individuals in our society are being targeted for barbaric and inhumane experimentations. In response to these illegal tests, Stop Aborted Fetal Testing in America is urging a response from the American people to cease funding to child slaughter and inhumane testing.

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What is happening in our public universities?

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How are we going to urge our government to stop all aborted fetal experiments?


We must unite to make a difference and save lives.

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The children of today are being barbarically killed. I need your help.

Please consider signing my petition, urging the federal government to cease all funding to aborted fetal experiments in America. Your signature is vital to the passing of this bill.

The University of Pittsburgh is the leading institution behind unethical research on aborted fetuses because of their nationally recognized fetal tissue and organ collection and distribution site. The acquisition of tissues, organs, and other various body parts from aborted children is identified by the minimal ischemia time, which implies live patients being killed by the removal of organs. 

The National Institute of Health, branched from the Department of Health and Human Services, has granted the University of Pittsburgh over $2 million to conduct research that “has no actual or potential impact” on the environment, according to their grant application.  

Sign the petition to call on the United States Department of Health and Human Services to cease all government funding to aborted fetal research and experimental endeavors.


Stop the Inhumane and Barbaric Experiments on Aborted Fetuses in American Universities

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